Occupational health examinations


Our services in Medicina Laboral de Venezuela C.A. include preventive medical evaluations consistent with article 27 of Regulation Part LOPCYMAT. These evaluations are performed in our office and if requested in the workplace of the employer (in company).

Article 27 of the Partial Regulations refers LOPCYMAT considered periodic examinations (among others) the pre-employment, prevacacional, post-holiday review, egress and those relevant to exposure to risk factors.

The Draft Technical Standard "Departments of Health and Safety at Work Own" that INPSASEL recently submitted for public discussion about the following features:

  • Article 26, about pre-employment examination is aimed at assessing the employee prior to employment with the same employer and with complementary tests depend on the assessment of the job done by the Department of Safety and Health Work.


  • In Article 27, the draft technical standards referred to the exit assessments are aimed at determining the health status of workers to terminate the employment relationship with the company, regardless of the reasons for the conclusion of such proceedings.


  • Article 28 provides for periodic reviews by exposure to risks, intended for employees who hold jobs that take risks that warrant additional periodic medical evaluations, which will be decided by the Department of Safety and Health at Work and INPSASEL and must take into account the proposals of the Committee on Occupational Safety and Health.


  • Article 29 establishes the prevacacionales evaluations mandatory and the importance of knowing the health of workers at the beginning of enjoying the holiday period.


  • Article 30 establishes the importance on posvacacionales assessments, designed to meet the health of workers at the time of their return to the company after the enjoyment of your holiday period and must not be repeated laboratory examinations.


  • Article 31 refers to the posreposo evaluation designed to know the state of health of workers at the time of their return to the company after the rest licensed physician.


  • Articles 32 and 33 concern the medical evaluations and posdeportivas predeportivas.


The purpose of the medical evaluation is to prevent and detect any occupational disease, which according to INPSASEL in its Technical Standard for Statement of Occupational Disease is defined as "contracted disease states or aggravated during work or exposure to the in which the worker or the worker is required to work, such as those attributable to the action of physical and mechanical agents, disergonómicas, meteorological, chemical, biological, psychosocial and emotional factors, which manifest themselves by an organic lesion, enzymatic or biochemical disorders, functional disorders or mental, temporary or permanent "imbalance.


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Requirements prohibited under the Draft Technical Standard for Safety & Health at Work Proper


It is prohibited to apply the following parameters according to section 35 of this rule:

  • HIV Testing
  • Pregnancy test
  • Routine use of magnetic resonance imaging should only be used when the medical criteria so justifies



Breach of periodic health assessments

The article 119 LOPCYMAT about serious infringements referred to the employer not to carry workers preventive health examinations or deny access to information contained therein will be committing a serious offense type, will cause penalties as Article 124 of the LOPCYMAT as follows:

  • Serious infringements: from 26-75 tributary units for each worker exposed.

Likewise, if an occupational disease investigation under Article 25 of the Partial Regulations LOPCYMAT when there were no medical records or not properly provide them to authorities, certain allegations of workers presumed, until evidence to the contrary.


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