We are a company that provides health and safety at work according to LOPCYMAT, with competent staff, tools and high-tech equipment, seeking to satisfy customer needs in terms of occupational health, safety, hygiene, ergonomics and training safety and health at work through the implementation of a quality management system in all our processes achieving reliability, retention and profitability.



Form a national reference institution in the field of security services and health at work, fulfilling the philosophy of implementing a quality system in all its processes and services, ensuring customer satisfaction, stability and safety of its employees, its shareholders profitability, environmental care and social responsibility.



  • Implementation of information technology for the management of occupational health committees with health and safety at work and the human resources departments of our joint customers service users, which includes management of epidemiological surveillance and occupational health outcomes under Article 27 of the Partial Regulations LOPCYMAT.
  • Conduct studies of health, safety and ergonomics in the workplace that require these services nationwide.
  • To provide training in safety and health at work and virtual way when the case would allow.
  • Form of occupational health professionals to optimize the security and health at work of their own kind so when we requested them.
  • Constant updating of professionals who are part of the team of the security and health at work.