The National Institute for Prevention, Health and Safety (INPSASEL), is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Labour, established as provided in Article 12 of the Organic Law of Prevention, Conditions and Working Environment, enacted in 1986.


Institution committed to the design and implementation of national policy on promotion, prevention and health care and job security, ensuring compliance with legislation in the area, as well as optimum working conditions for all workers.


The Institute will aim to be a "scientific institution Technique" government of Venezuela, specialized in risk prevention and analysis of the conditions of health and safety at work, renowned for his technical ability and quality of service of its employees.

The information above was obtained from the web site INPSASEL: http://www.inpsasel.gob.ve/


Functions INPSASEL

  • Implementation of the National Policy on Prevention, Health and Safety at Work.
  • Advising employers and workers in the area of ​​occupational health.
  • Dictate Standards that regulate the matter.
  • Apply sanctions to those who violate the law in this area.
  • Manage the new regime Safety and Health at Work.
  • Monitor and supervise compliance with the rules.
  • Provide technical assistance to employers and workers.
  • Substantiate technical reports.
  • Promotion, education and research in occupational health. *

*Tomado de la revista: INPSASEL. Trabajo, Vida y Salud. 2008.


The INPSASEL, in most of the states of Venezuela, has a representation called State Authority Directorate of Health Workers (DIRESAT). For addresses and data of each DIRESAT see this link: