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MEDICINA LABORAL DE VENEZUELA C.A. as part of an integrated management (quality, environment, safety and health at work) continually makes changes to encourage our customers and our employees. To keep all our customers and users of our services (medical evaluations, laboratory, paraclinical tests as spirometry, audiometry, x-rays, counseling, hygiene, ergonomics, safety and training etc.), We have agreed to publish some data through a public twitter account called NoticiasMLV (different account called our green MedicinaLaboral) where you can see the latest news.This way our clients and service users can keep up with our activities, can even follow us on our own and kept constantly updated.

MEDICINA LABORAL DE VENEZUELA C.A. does not advertise for this twitter account and its use is only to publicize events such as the monthly training for our employees, the date on which we do not pay medical services.