Benefits to comply with LOPCYMAT


Here are some benefits for the EMPLOYER to comply with LOPCYMAT:

-Reduced rates of absenteeism and bed rest, either by accidents and occupational diseases as common.

-Improves employee comfort, which in turn brings other outcomes such as stress reduction and increased proactivity, empowerment, loyalty, identification with the company and finally, improving productivity.

-Other countries have experimented with extraordinary results binomial productivity-ergonomics, making ergonomic changes that initially were thought to safety and health at work, in the end also produce increased productivity.

-Greater order and organization, even though a company does not have a quality management system (eg ISO 9001).

-Multinational companies, PDVSA and other large (exceeding 500 people on its payroll), require compliance with the LOPCYMAT, so if the company already has the program of safety and health at work and all matters relating to this law increases the chances of contracting.

-The employer is historically owned the means of production, therefore, is a historical, moral and ethical responsibility to care for the livelihood of employees: their work.

-Reduced allowances and payments of fines for offenses committed for breach of LOPCYMAT.


Here are some benefits to the WORKER to comply with LOPCYMAT:

-Adhering to the LOPCYMAT, the worker is less likely to get sick or accident. An individual who is sick and have rest, loses its major source of interaction with society: the work. It is difficult to think of any person who has ever worked or did not need to work. From the beginning of time, man works to be part of society. So to meet all regulations, guarantee the possibility that the worker stay healthy and active that contributes to society.

-A sick or injured in a workplace individual likely to receive compensation as a responsibility of the employer. However, it can hardly get a job in another workplace after a disability. So lose your most important ability interact in society: the ability to continue working.

-There are great learning opportunities to other issues LOPCYMAT.