Policy Health and Safety at Work

Medicina Laboral de Venezuela C.A. publishes its policy inserted into the Programme on Safety and Health at Work force, as part of its integrated management (social responsibility, quality, environment, safety and health at work) and as an initiative and example for client companies and suppliers. Place these policies in an environment like the Internet reinforces the commitment to workers and contracting companies.

Policy Statement on Safety and Health at Work Medicina Laboral de Venezuela C.A.

-Protecting life and health of workers through prevention of occupational accidents, occupational diseases and work-related incidents.

-Comply with all matters relating to legislation on prevention, conditions and working environment of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

-Improve and authentic continuous preventive action of the conditions and working environment throughout the organization through a planned and systematic process.

-Perform continuous observation of all regulations affecting prevention workers of the company.

- Prepare everything related to the Security Policy and Health at Work always based on job evaluations, and determinations of ergonomics hazards, dangerous conditions and risks in the workplace, written in Spanish and clearly for easily understood.

-Keep writing out this program to all workers. Each time this program is a change should be disclosed between workers such modifications.

-Providing notice of hazards and risks relating to the workplace and their place.

-Check periodically, at least annually, whenever employees or prevention delegates so consider necessary and when changes are made to the procedures and working methods of the Security Program and Health at Work.

-To verify the effectiveness of the program by the Department of Safety and Health at Work and the Work Safety Committee periodically.

-All plans raised in this program shall be consistent with all policies of the organization.

-Budget and ensure adequate financial resources for the implementation of the approach against hazards and dangerous conditions and reporting for the position risk.

-Make any changes to this program and security policy and occupational health with the participation and consultation of the Committee on Occupational Safety and Health, being exposed in writing and clearly indicating the specific objectives to achieve the prevention of incidents, accidents and occupational diseases.

-Report and provide the basic and further training to identify, prevent and avoid hazards in the performance of tasks to workers.

-Guarantee workers participation and the right to be consulted on safety issues affecting them, to really get the preventive continuous improvement, using tools such as model workers.

-Promote information and knowledge of the LOPCYMAT and other Venezuelan and international regulations.

-Implement a system of health surveillance and monitoring risks on an ongoing basis.

-Allocate resources and personnel responsible for developing plans to address hazardous processes.