Maritime medicine


Medicina Laboral de Venezuela C.A. looking to develop this area of ​​occupational health in Venezuela, performs the following services::

-Medical examinations for maritime crew and personnel for oil platform, including initial (or pre-boarding), periodic, mandatory boarding, special and others. In these examinations the medical certificate is given according to the guidelines of the International Labor Organization (ILO), the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the Instituto Nacional de los Espacios Acúaticos (INEA), National merchant marine authority in Venezuela. See public list of authorized INEA doctors: authorized INEA doctors.

-Tonal audiometry in the initial medical examinations and suspicion of hearing impairment.

-Sanitary inspections for ships.

-Diploma in Maritime Medicine targeting health personnel (doctors and nurses).

-Training courses IMO.

-Realization of the program of safety and health at work for ships in accordance with LOPCYMAT and international ILO Conventions.


We can perform medical missions abroad prior planning.

These services are rendered by a physician Maritime Master Health of the University of Cádiz (Spain).