Quality Policy


Medicina Laboral de Venezuela C.A. is implementing a quality management system based on ISO 9001 for the offices of Caracas and Valencia.

The Executive Management ensures that the quality policy:

a) Is appropriate to the purposes of the organization;

b) includes a commitment to meet the requirements of the management system to improve the quality and effectiveness thereof;

c) Provides a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives;

d) Is communicated and understood within the organization;

e) Is revised to keep it current;




MEDICINA LABORAL DE VENEZUELA, C.A. to meet the provision of safety and health departments at work according to LOPCYMAT implements a quality management system in all our processes achieving reliability, retention and profitability.

To achieve this goal, requires an effective policy suitable to the expectations and needs of our customers quality. Like this:

-We undertake to comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

-We strengthened the trust of customers with Medicina Laboral de Venezuela C.A.

-We continuously improve customer care.

-We perfect our products.

-We improve the approval and monitoring of suppliers.

-We carry proper identification and traceability of materials.

-Identify and eliminate the sources of error.

-We improve the logistics management of Medicina Laboral de Venezuela C.A.

To achieve this, Medicina Laboral de Venezuela C.A. has a system of quality management based on ISO 9001, for an overall improvement in all departments.

The Executive Management of Medicina Laboral de Venezuela C.A., is responsible for the high quality of the services provided and offered to our clients. Regularly reviews the quality policy and objectives set corresponding quality.

The Executive Management of Medicina Laboral de Venezuela C.A., delegated coordinators and department managers the implementation and monitoring of required actions that enable the achievement of the quality objectives. For this conduct periodic internal quality audits.

Coordinators and managers have regular meetings with the Executive Director of Medicina Laboral de Venezuela C.A. in order to review the evolution of the system of quality management and annual objectives.

All staff of Medicina Laboral de Venezuela C.A., agrees to comply with directives given by the corporation in terms of quality, with the aim of improving overall.

This quality policy is understood, implemented kept up to date at all levels of the organization and has the full commitment and support of the Executive Office of Medicina Laboral de Venezuela C.A., who established, developed and applied by the system implemented quality management.